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Office: 601-957-3841
Toll-Free: 800-844-3254
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Call Us for a Free Consultation

Office: 601-957-3841
Toll-Free: 800-844-3254
After Hours: 601-209-3131

About Us

L O’Mire Financial Services, founded in 1963, is one of the largest independent agencies in the South with collected annualized premium in excess of 8 million dollars a year, and a Network of agents and agencies throughout 5 states.

With a professional and comprehensive background in annuities, life insurance and health insurance, L.D. O’Mire Financial Services has been a leader in developing strategies that help families keep and grow their wealth. Coupled with 53 years experience and a vast knowledge of the insurance and finance industry, we offer a wide variety of products and services to fit most individuals’ needs.

Because our organization represents over 50 large companies, we have the benefit of developing the best possible options for your consideration. We are able to compare products and offer you a plan that will meet your needs.

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Our Expert Team

At L.D. O’Mire Financial Services you get far more than a friendly, courteous staff. You’ll be working with highly trained, knowledgeable professionals. That’s what sets us apart from the competition.


Leonard D. O’Mire

CEO and Founder

As a successful businessman and a proud veteran of the Korean war, Leonard has built one of the largest life and health insurance agencies in the nation. He has hired and trained thousands of agents, however he continues to meet personally with clients because he believes so passionately in serving his policyholders with a personal touch. Leonard has been recognized by the Governor of Arkansas for his philanthropy, as well as by the Retired Teachers Association of Mississippi and Louisiana for his service to teachers. Leonard also serves as Founder and CEO of Affordable Direct Life, a company offering low-cost burial  insurance nationwide. He is past president of the Better Business Bureau. A leader in his community, Leonard often speaks to groups of retirees regarding their insurance options. He also shares his passion for physical fitness and longevity, and has written a guide for Seniors on daily exercises to strengthen muscles and build bone density.


David Cox

Senior Vice President

David is a very experienced businessman having built some of the largest retail developments in the Jackson, MS area. He has spent the last 40 years helping people build their retirement funds and making sure they don’t run out. David always uses no-market risk strategies to ensure your retirement plan is always increasing, never decreasing.

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Sandra F. O’Mire


Sandra O’Mire has been a licensed life and health insurance agent since 1982. She attended University of Southern Mississippi and, after graduation, worked as an executive secretary for a well-established law office. She, together with her husband Leonard O’Mire, began building a multi-million dollar insurance agency during the 1980’s.  She now serves as Chief Financial Officer for L.D. O’Mire Financial Services and Affordable Direct Life. With her background in Law, Sandra is an invaluable resource for our customers, and she has offered consultation to hundreds of policyholders on their estate planning.

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Peggy Alford

Administrative Assistant

Peggy Alford is originally from Jackson, Mississippi. She graduated from The University of Phoenix in Dallas, TX, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting. Peggy works in payroll and bookkeeping, as well as customer service.

Free Educational Workshops

As a corporate payback, L.D. O’Mire Financial Services does FREE educational workshops for Church Groups, Civic Organizations, Retired Federal Employees, Retired Teachers Association, etc. for educational purposes ONLY. We have spoken to over 500 organizations, educating retirees about estate planning and financial planning.

In the course of doing our workshops, we have found that the worst fear of many seniors is falling. Leonard D. O’Mire, who has a passion for fitness, has developed a pamphlet that will help strengthen core muscles because more than 50,000 seniors fall and go to the emergency room every year.

Call us at 601-957-3841 if you are interested in one of our workshops for your group.

View L.D.'s Strength Program for Seniors brochure for an easy way to build muscle and strengthen bones in your own home.

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