Growth Without Risk

How Do They Do It?

You’ve probably been asking yourself, “How can they do it? How can they guarantee my principal, promise a guaranteed minimum interest rate, yet still allow me to enjoy the upside of the stock market index when it goes up?” Despite what you might think, insurance companies are not charitable institutions. You don’t want them to be. You want the company you secure your Indexed Annuity through to be as financially sound as possible. After all, they’re the ones standing behind your guarantee. We can assure you that our investment strategies are perfectly sound if not ingenious.

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CD or Money Market

These investment strategies are extremely safe, yet little growth can be expected with today’s interest rates.


Stock Market or Mutual Fund

The growth potential is much greater, but the potential for loss is also greater. How much can you afford to gamble, especially during retirement years?


Fixed Indexed Annuities

This product offers the best of both worlds – a guarantee that your principal will never be lost, and an opportunity to reap the growth of the markets.