Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning 123?

Estate Planning 123 is a program designed to make planning your estate simple and affordable.

How does Estate Planning 123 comply with the law?
A team of experienced Attorneys will review your plan to make sure that your plan meets your needs and complies with current law.

We can have your plan ready in as little as two weeks. Call our toll-free number 1.800.844.3254 or email

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Step 1

Our Client Services Director meets with you for a free discovery meeting. We discuss everything about you, your family, and your assets. As these matters involve family as well as financial issues, we need both spouses to attend this complimentary discovery meeting.

Step 2

We develop a plan to fit your specific and unique needs then quote you a price. The price we quote is all you pay (there are no hidden costs).

Step 3

After the discovery meeting, we treat you to a free gourmet lunch.