Annuity Checklist

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14 Qualities Your Annuity Should Contain

  • The ability to earn market-linked returns with minimum guarantees.

  • The ability to securely lock in all gains against any market downturn.

  • The ability to take a lump sum when the liquidity charge period has ended.

  • The ability to pass your entire account value to a named beneficiary and avoid probate.

  • The ability to ensure distributions to heirs are incontestable upon your death.

  • The ability for any non-spousal beneficiary to stretch the income over their lifetime.

  • The ability to receive guaranteed income for life.

  • The ability to be 100% creditor proof in states where applicable.

  • The ability to potentially protect your annuity from “Medicaid Spend-Down”, if nursing home confinement is required.

  • The ability to accumulate and compound your interest earnings without increasing your tax on social security income.

  • The ability to accumulate and compound your interest earnings in a tax-deferred environment.

  • The ability to withdraw 10% free from your account every year without incurring liquidity charges.

  • The ability to withdraw funds free from liquidity charges in the case of a medical emergency.

  • The ability to deposit funds 100% free from front-end fees or annual charges.